„The most important for every person is to be proud of the work he/she is doing. “

Lev Nikolajevič Tolstoj

What we offer for our candidates

„An educated man carries his wealth always within.“

  • We offer search and selection of suitable candidates for various working positions according to your requirements.
  • It does not matter whether you search for blue collars, or positions in administration, specialists or managerial ones – we are prepared to assist you in all segments.
  • Our aim is not only to choose such candidates who fulfil all requirements for qualification and specialization, but also to choose those who fit into your team and company culture the best way.
  • The final decision making in search and selection is always left up to the client – you choose which candidate will be offered a job within your company.
  • The search and selection is performed in a fast, effective and confidential manner.
  • We might also assist you as advisors when conducting internal search in order to be sure and confident about your selection process.

„Only honest work can become the source of all wealth. “
Jack London

  • Our company is entitled to offer services as an agency of temporary allocation of employees based upon art. § 29 and Coll. No. 5/2004 Law on employment services and is a holder of license no. AA/2012/61438/17948/OPČSSZ issued by UPSVaR Bratislava.
  • By the means of staffing or personnel leasing, we are able to provide you quickly and effectively with workers for various positions – manual, administrative or specialists.
  • The reasons for using such services may be as following – a sudden increase in demands, replacement of lack of personnel during holiday season, or internal company rules for hiring employees internally.
  • We are able to lease workers according to tailored made conditions prepared especially for you.
  • The working agreement is signed between an employee and our company, and the work is performed at your company based upon the agreed conditions of temporary allocation.
  • We take care of all necessities regarding the employment, search and selection, personnel service, payrolling, or terminating the contract.
  • Personnel leasing takes care of the difficult administration, increased costs for handling personnel and payrolling agenda, and leaves you with enough space and time to focus on your own business.
  • People we work with are not an anonymous group of workforce to us. This allows us to offer personalized solutions even for this product, which is usually seen as a product with lower added value.

Assessment centre (AC) and Development centre (DC) – evaluation and development programs

  • When deciding which type of assessment is the best, we look upon the reasons for assessment, type of organization and type of employees and evaluate both advantages and disadvantages of each method.
  • For assessing employees with a potential to develop, for managers on middle or higher managerial level, and for specialists, it is suitable to use the method of an Assessment/Development centre.
  • It is not only a set of methods used for search and training of employees, but also for assessing job performance, particularly of managers.
  • It allows us to asses managerial potential and particular employees based upon their complex evaluation made by various assessors. And all this by the means of individual and team works, solving random problems and solving tests and conducting interviews.
  • The assessment is made for a couple of employees at once because the mutual interaction does not only allow them to express their skills better but may also be motivating for them.
  • The assessors prepare an assessment sheet for each member of the evaluated group.
  • Although more time consuming, this method is suitable to assess the actual managerial performance and to predict the future performance.

360 degree feedback

  • This method is becoming one of the most used ones.
  • Within this method, a single employee is assessed by a larger group of respondents.
  • It is used both for smaller teams as well as for larger groups.
  • Its name was created as an imaginary circle, where the assessed one stands in the middle and the respondents create a circle around him providing their feedback.
  • The feedback is provided only by such coworkers who come into touch with the assessed one often – possibly subordinates, colleagues, supervisors (internal sources) or for example clients (external sources).
  • Besides all, the subject of 360 degree feedback assessment might evaluate himself/herself, too.

Talent management

Systematic acquiring, identification, development, dedication, keeping and assigning such individuals who have a great value within the company, whether because of their potential for the future or because they perform their critical tasks with no hesitation.

„The more we learn, the more we discover our lack of knowledge.“
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Every wise manager is well aware of the fact that professionally educated employees with language skills are their greatest asset. Even Tomáš Baťa was aware of this almost a hundred years ago. He was always paying great attention to training his people, and as he used to say: “There are three types of values you need in any job in the world: capital, knowledge and freedom…“

We prepare our training based upon the following principles:

  • Every training is tailor made and based upon needs and goals of that particular client
  • Training combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience – we build a pyramid, which is based on the findings, the center consists of interaction of training participants and the top is made of practical training and experience.
  • After some time we evaluate the training and if the client is interested, we design a follow up.

By the means of systematic education of employees, you may:

  • Develop skills of your managers and specialists in order to improve their performance and quality of work done
  • Increase employee motivation
  • Support professional growth
  • Create a stable team of key employees

A design of the training is prepared based upon the following results for example:

  • Assessment of employees (assessment/development centre)
  • Internal evaluation interviews
  • Development plans in the personnel segment, and others

Some of the offered soft skills trainings:

  • Managerial skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Performing evaluation interviews with employees
  • Stress management
  • Conflict solving

„None of us is so wise not to seek advice once in a while. “
Miroslav Schlesinger

We can assist you with creating the most effective rules and regulations in the field of personnel management, such as:

  • Designing the organizational structure including job descriptions, competences and responsibilities
  • Remuneration of employees
  • Social politics
  • Workshop – a type of activity where the lecturer prepares such program that combines own experience and skills of the participants with various techniques, such as brainstorming, prioritization, mental maps, feedback and other, that leads to an outcome useful for their future performance. The trainer usually takes part in the workshop as a facilitator. The result of the workshop is prepared based upon its aim and specified topic.
  • Mystery shopping
  • External HR department – we are well aware of the fact that not every company has the ability to solve all personnel matters solely in the internal environment. Therefore we offer to take care of all the HR activities externally as we are fully able to replace the services necessary.
  • Other specific projects prepared directly for the client.