Human as the highest value

„Human is the most important being in the outside world. “


We believe that profitmaking business depends mostly of people. We see people in our clients, we provide our services with people and for people, too. Human touch can be found in everything we do and provide.


„A great simplicity is what makes people wonder more than things that are complicated. “

Zdenka Schelingová

We believe that simplicity is not mediocracy and this is what we are aware of in everything we do. Our goal is to offer such services to our clients that are complex but transparent and clear at the same time, and even to those managers and company owners who do not feel comfortable in the HR field.


„In real relationship we use eyes of the other one to look at the world. “

Javier Moro

Partnership is the foundation stone of a successful cooperation. We believe that both the client and we can become effective only through complex a long-term professional partnership. There is a human in every client and we follow him/her wherever the professional path leads them to.



We keep our promises and never make promises we are not able to keep. Our employees seek and define the needs of our clients in order to provide them with the simplest and the most effective HR solutions. We are not a giant international holding and we believe this to be our advantage. Therefore we are able to approach each client individually in a partner way, search for client preferences, needs and to offer tailor made services.


„Perfection is not about not being able to add anything more, but about not being able to take away something. “

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We believe that continuous education and development of professional and social skills is necessary to become competent for performing any work. We help our clients to develop and grow using our services that we perform responsibly, honestly and professionally by using all our competencies. Growing and developing clients are the best pictures of our competence.